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  Professional Experiences

September 2010-Present: Lebanese University, Faculty of sciences, Section III
Courses: Calculus I,II,III, Metric Topology, Differential geometry, Integration, sequences and series of functions, Fourier Series, Partial Differential Equations,

September 2010-August 2012: Lebanese University, Institut Universitaire de Technologies (IUT)
Courses: Linear Algebra, Calculus I, II, III.

Septembre 2011-August 2013: Lebanese International University(LIU)
Courses: Calculus II, III, Linear Algebra, College Algebra, Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists, Complex variables, Integration.

Septembre 2011-August 2013: AUL
Courses: Calculus III, Linear Algebra.

Septembre 2012-August 2013: MUT
Courses: Evaluation Data Principles (BME Students), Stochastic Process, Proability & Statistics.

2010-2011: Postdoctoral Researcher at Lebanese University, LaMA-Liban Laboratory, 2010-2011, My postdoctoral research focused on the following topics: Seawater interface modeling, Semilinear wave equations with Space-Dependent Potential (Global and Local existence of solutions, Blow-up)- Asymptotic behavior of solutions to evolution problems - Applications of Fractional Integrals and Derivatives.

2009-2010: Temporary Research and Teaching Associate (ATER) at Univeristé de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, full time
Courses: Differantial equations - Linear Algebra - Calculus II - Descriptive Statistics.

2008-2009: Instructor at La Rochelle University, La Rochelle, France, part-time
Courses: Differantial Equations - Linear Algebra.

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